I’m a designer who’s work is inspired by life beyond the desk.


I have three years’ design experience in the field and a MA in Graphic Design. I’ve worked for a whole bunch of people – from international clients on the mean streets of London to the Finnish Forestry Department amidst the lonely trees of Lapland. When it comes to design, I’m a thoroughly modern millie: no big gulf between print and digital for me.

Right now I’m 26, back in Europe after a year of sharpening my photography and video skills and backpacking around New Zealand and Australia. If you hadn’t guessed it from the cleanliness and coolness in much of my design work, I’m originally from Helsinki in Finland – pretty much the perfect home city for any aspiring designer.

Like a lot of Scandiwegian types, I love the exhilaration of the outdoors as much as the buzz of the city, and have had the chance to let both of those influence what I do on the page/screen. I’ve done agency, editorial and volunteer work. Now I’d like to use my skills to visualise the stories that should be heard, not the ones we can’t avoid. I’m the Art Director of Moose Report, a high quality publication on all things Scandinavian.

If you think you might want to work with me, it would be great to hear from you. Check out my portfolio below.


  • Web Design

    Web Design

    I’m a multimedia designer by trade. Most of my commercial work has been design for the web.

  • Illustration


    Skill, personality, clarity. I work fast and efficiently to deliver idiosyncratic illustrative work to supplement and enhance editorial content. 

  • Photography and Video

    Photography and Video

    I’ve got the skills to go beyond traditional landscape and nature photography, bringing the world around us to life. 

  • Branding


    Continuity, consistency and strength of message are vital to my ideas of brand building and communication.